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getting ahead in the music industry

Question Session 02 music conference will be hosted in Stereo Cafe Bar, Glasgow on the 8th June 2017. The event will have industry leading figures participate in seminars, workshops and panels.  

Attracting music industry enthusiasts and professionals alike, the conference will increase knowledge, expand new business partnerships and encourage networking and new opportunities.

This event is non-ticketed and free of charge to attend.

Please note there is no wheelchair access. 

Over 14's only until 10 pm. Over 18's only thereafter.

11:00 till 13:30

Ableton & Rub A Dub present “Everything but the kitchen Sync”

With acoustic instruments, playing in time comes naturally. You can jump in when the time’s right, and everyone keeps their flow. Playing together with electronic instruments hasn’t always been so easy. Now Ableton Link makes it effortless.

Take part in a synchronised jamming session with other electronic musicians using Ableton Link. We’ll have a collection of drum machines, synthesisers and modular gear all running together with Ableton Live, Push and sync’d using Ableton Link. You can even join in with your iOS device running a Link enabled app!

13:40 till 14:00


Liam Clarke aka L’ will discuss beat boxing culture, and how it has developed recently in Scotland. After he has provided a short introduction Liam will demonstrate the basic sounds of beat boxing and involve the audience in an engaging workshop.

14:00 till 14:30

Musicians Union with Caroline Sewall

The Musicians' Union (MU) is a globally-respected organisation which represents over 30000 musicians working in all sectors of the music business. Caroline will deliver a seminar, focussing on the following points:

• The MU – Who we are
• MU Rates and Agreements
• Getting it in Writing MU Campaigns (including ‘Work Not Play’)
• Benefits of membership
• How to get involved
• Q&A

14:30 till 15:00

bridge 2 Business with Christina Christopoulou​ and Steven Galloni​ from Skapade

The Bridge 2 Business programme offers college students first hand opportunities to engage with appropriate entrepreneurial role models. Role models who are relevant to college students who have an interest in setting up their own business now or in the future or for those who are looking to take enterprise skills to their workplace.

Steven Galloni​ from Skapade will be speaking - sharing his knowledge, experiences and giving hints and tips about the music industry!

15:00 till 16:00

PPL with Keith Harris

Established in 1934, PPL exists to ensure that those who invest their time, talent and money to make recorded music are fairly paid for their work.

PPL licenses recorded music played in public or broadcast and then distributes the licence fees to its performer and recording rights holder members.

Keith will be deliver a seminar that articulates the PPL’s role in the music industry.

16:00 till 18:45

Ableton presents (Please see below for more information)

“The Techno Toolbox” with Simon Stokes AKA Petrichor

With so much software and hardware available it can be challenging knowing where to start. Trying to stay “in the loop”, often leaves us stuck in a loop!

In this seminar Soma artist Simon Stokes AKA Petrichor will approach how he uses Ableton Live and a selection of hardware to help stimulate new ideas. Simon will be looking at some of the lesser known features in Ableton Live and how he uses them within his workflow.

Introduction to ProducerGirls” with Maya Medvesek AKA Nightwave

Producergirls was founded by London based producer E.M.M.A. to encourage more young women to explore electronic music production. Producergirls provides a series of workshops on music production tips, expert advice and an introduction to Ableton Live.

Glasgow based producer, DJ, label head and promoter Maya Medvesek aka Nightwave who runs workshops at SWG3 has taught seasoned members of the Musicians Union and girls as young as 10 at the European Girl Tech Fest in Brussels.

Maya will be giving an insight into a typical Producergirls session for beginners, talking about her mission to redress the gender imbalance within the local music scene and how she approaches inspiring more girls to take up production and DJing.

“The workflow of a performing producer” with Rachel K Collier

Presenting your crafted productions to your audience is now a vital process in the modern music industry so come along for an insight into songwriting, modern music production and how to take your music to your audience.

Building on her success so far in the UK, Rachel K Collier will perform and give an insight into her workflow in going from the studio to the stage.

This is a chance to see an example of a hardworking songwriter, producer and performer at work. Rachel has co-written with a Grammy-nominated artist Mat Zo and had success in the UK Singles Chart with Ray Foxx's single "Boom Boom (Heartbeat)".



Audience members will pose questions to the panellists to initiate a live debate. You can submit a panel question prior to the event by emailing it to If you would like your question asked you must attend the event as you will be called upon by the presenter to ask your question.

19:00 till 19:50

Online music media panel


• David Farrell (TV presenter and event host - STV)
• Konz (Wavvy Music)
• Michelle Harkness (Groove City Radio)
• Colin Brownbill (Synth Glasgow)

20:00 till 20:50

Record label panel


• Douglas Mc Intyre (Creeping Bent)
• Maja Medvešek​ aka Nightwave (Heka Trax label)
• Keith McIvor (Optimo)
• Darren Quail (Soma Records, Animal Farm)

21:00 till 21:50

Artist Panel – Getting ahead in the music industry


• Admiral Fallow
• Davie Forbes
• Paul McGeechan
• Ray Harris
• Ransom FA

22:00 till 22:50

Live music industry panel


• Grainne Braithwaite (Synergy Concerts)
• Martin Cloonan (Glasgow University Live Music Exchange)
• Darren Quail (Animal Farm)
• David Ritchie (Wild Fire Music Festival)
• Catriona Reilly (Stereo)

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